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Ethical & slow fashion – more important than ever

As the antithesis of fast fashion, slow fashion encourages sustainable practices and ethical working conditions. Quality and longevity are essential, as well as standing up for both nature and people. That’s where Frank Selection comes in. They make it easy to find ethically and environmentally friendly clothing.

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The problem

To buy sustainable and ethically made clothes, you have to take the extra step to research the clothing’s background. At the same time, people also feel that the items are too expensive. They look at the price tag, not the material and longevity.

From the start, I assumed that there was a need for an online marketplace. But since many want to buy the clothes in-store, I was wrong. They might look for inspiration online but would still like to try it on before purchasing.

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Find the clothing you can feel better about wearing

Fank Selection will help you to locate the ethically and environmentally friendly clothing, so you don't have to do all the research yourself. You will also easily be able to keep up with news about the environmental aspects of the fashion industry.

Frank Selection