Silenced Forests

01 intro

When the forests go silent, our ecosystems lack balance

The echoing sound of animal life has always been a beautiful melody. The croaks and groans of frogs form the beautiful chorus that has filled the air of our forests. But suddenly, they went mysteriously silent. In the 1980s, scientists encountere the deadly fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a type of Chytrid.

Project Scope

To get people to understand how their actions affect the environment, we gave them a concrete example. Focusing on the Fungus Chytrid that have killed 60% of amphibian species since the 1980s. The actual cause of the problem is unknown, but all known theories are connected to human behavior.

02 installation

Find out about the human factors

During the exhibition we asked for users to participate in finding the consequences to the problem. They got to explore the human factors about the pet and food trade, globalwaming, pollution and habitat loss.

Interactive Installation

Entering the installation users read "Examine the interconnected web of amphibian species. Look for the four possible causes of killer fungus hidden in the web, before it's too late."

03 print

Newspaper and Packaging

Design Collection Print Design Print Design Print Design

The printed newspaper next to the installation made it easier for participants in the exhibition to learn about our research.

04 website

Digital Newspaper

The website is a digital complement to the printed newspaper and a way of making the information accessible to anyone anywhere.