01 intro

Product Design at Sweet Studio

Interning at Sweet Studio and getting to know their amazing team was a great learning experience for me. While working on Strucc, I got tasked with everything from developing the brand identity to creating social media ads & animation, do research, user testing and sketching on new features.

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02 the product

Making the toolkit for creative stories

When I got looped into this project we already had a beta version of the first feature. At the same time, we were quickly moving forward, working on the next features and the brand identity.

Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design Print Design

Social media ads & animation

I also got the chance to create Instagram ads that ran in the US during the summer, as well as logo animations and AfterEffects templates that my colleagues can use for Instagram posts and stories.

The website was created to give content creators and interested users a chance to sign up on our waiting list and download the beta version. We pointed the Instagram ads to the website with the sign up link.

Strucc Website

03 the internship

The Team

At Sweet Studio, I learned how to efficiently collaborate with other designers, marketers, and developers in design sprints. The team also made me feel at home in the studio. I saw new widths of what a designer can do, I learned how a venture studio works, and the coolest thing of them all: seeing my work actually come to life.